At the front door of the Serra Center before Mass, serving from a table of treats at a parish celebration, and behind the scenes at many other functions, you’ll find someone greeting you with a smile and a hearty welcome. That person is probably a member of the Hospitality Ministry.

The hospitality ministers focus on transforming our parish community into a place of welcome where all God’s children find acceptance to a loving and caring church community. This service reflects the long-standing Franciscan tradition of meeting God’s people with open hands and an open heart.

Claudia LaBarge enjoys her service in this ministry: “It’s a pleasure to serve the parish family. I especially like volunteering for the feast day receptions. There’s added spiritual element when events take place immediately after Mass. The feeling of welcome that you extend comes back to you. I feel like I sometimes receive as much as I give in this ministry.”

The hospitality ministers welcome new members to their ministry. Their work isn’t complex and they’ll provide on-the-job training as needed. The ministry leaders will check on your preferences: meet-and-greet before liturgies, set up or serving at parish receptions, or lending a hand to clean-up after an event.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Hospitality / Parish Community Life Ministry, your level of commitment can vary with your own schedule. The parish needs hospitality ministers for Sundays, feast days, and other special events. 


For more information, please call Claudia LaBarge at 760-458-5937

A special thank you to all those serving as hospitality ministers. May God bless you for your service.  

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