Bulletin for the Week of September 30, 2018

INSIDE: Jesus says that anyone who is not against him is for him. Look around. You will find good coming from surprising places! – Fr. Vince (page 3)

Do Your Children See You Give?

Every parent wants to raise children who share and give generously.  When our children someday meet God face to face, we want to know that they will hear Jesus say to them the same words the master said to those who used their talents wisely: “Well done, my good and faithful servant…Come, share your master’s […]

October Saints: Our Prayer Partners for Fall

Fall leaves, football, family, and friends.   It’s a full calendar in fall.  Each week we spend 40 hours or more a week working and about an hour spent in worship.  This month, sweep out the cobwebs of old habits and spend some time in prayer with our October Saints.   Click on a link to find […]

Share the Journey

I encourage you to please mark your calendars for a very special and important event to take place here on the grounds of Mission San Luis Rey, Saturday, November 10 at 9:00 a.m. beginning in the Serra Center. The event is called “Share the Journey”.  Last year on September 17th, Pope Francis launched the campaign […]

Adults, Youth and Children! Altar Servers Wanted! Is God calling you to serve?

Is God calling you to serve as an Altar Server at Mass? This ministry is vital to the church’s Liturgical celebrations. Altar Servers perform not just functional roles but a symbolic role. The actions of those who serve near the Altar and the Word of God do more than we think and the way children […]

A Community of Disciples: September 30th, 2018

What kind of group was the community of disciples to be? John, and most likely all the others, understood Jesus and his followers constituted a closed community: there would be insiders and outsiders. Only those who were officially insiders—those called by Jesus—were to be treated as such. People who acted like insiders were to be […]

Feast of the Archangels

On Thursday, September 27th, we celebrate the Feast of the Archangels: Gabriel: God is my Strength; Michael: Who is as God; Raphael: God is my Health. In the Parish Library, you’ll find that the Catholic Source Book has some interesting information on angels for you to learn. Angels & Devils‐ J. Cruz answers over seventy‐six questions […]

Who is Fr. Tommy King, OFM?

Did you know? -Fr. Tommy just celebrated 25 years of Franciscan Priesthood in February 2018. -has seven siblings-loves soccer (ask him about his Manchester United shirt!)-has served as a full-time Franciscan Missionary in the Peruvian Amazon and                Guatemala-loves San Francisco Giants Baseball  Currently, Fr. Tommy is serving at the Casa […]

Bulletin for September 23, 2018

INSIDE: “In a special way you and all your intentions were remembered at all of our Masses and prayers…Thank you too for praying for us!”   – Fr. Vince (Pg. 3)