Coronavirus Update from Diocese

The San Diego Catholic Diocese has not called for the suspension of any practices at Mass in response to the new coronavirus that appeared in China and has been detected in several countries, including the United States, but is closely monitoring the situation. On January 29, San Diego County health authorities said that the risk […]

Loretto House Food Pantry Wishlist

San Luis Rey Parish continues to show its Franciscan heart with generous donations to the parish food pantry. During the month of January, we supported 283 visits to the pantry from struggling members of our local community, helping an average of 80 families a week! Thanks to our parishioners for responding to the Gospel call […]

Charity in Action

Inspired by Jesus, who came “not to be served, but to serve,” Catholic Charities exists to exemplify the scriptural values of mercy and hospitality. Click to read more about the many programs your donation supports as a part of Catholic Charities San Diego.

St. Francis Hall Construction Update

The renovation of St. Francis Hall is deep into the demolition phase of the project.  The old stage has been removed and the concrete has been cut in several areas for new footings and a ramp into the storage room. The Men’s restroom has been completely gutted, including the removal of the concrete floor.   […]

God, Author of Every Blessing

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, God is the author of every blessing that we know in this world, every grace that brings joy to our heart, every strength and hope that carries us through the difficult times that come to all of us. For this reason, the fundamental stance we as Catholics have toward […]

Bulletin for 2-09-2020

INSIDE: Our responsibility is not only to “be salt” or to “be light.” We have to be salt “of the earth,” and light “for the world.” (Fr. Vince -pg. 3)

Nothing Is More Useful

In today’s Gospel from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says that we are the salt of the earth and the light for the world. The second-century historian Pliny declared that nothing is more useful than salt or sunshine. Yet, if you can’t taste salt and if light cannot be seen, what good are they? […]

Gratitude in Action

The 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal, “Gratitude in Action”, is your opportunity to make possible the work that affects so many in our diocese: assistance to the poor, formation of new priests and care for our retired priests, evangelization and accompaniment of Young Adults, the consoling presence of Christ for those imprisoned, and education of our […]