A Serenade for Mother’s Day

Sandra Dominguez and Francisco Osio join together in a musical tribute to Mothers everywhere for Mother’s Day. Pictures were submitted by parishioners to honor their mothers.

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The words are:

What a beautiful morning it is to come and greet you.
We come together with joy to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.
On the day of your birth, the flowers were born.
The angels sang at the baptismal pillar.
With jasmine and flowers I shall decorate the day,
Because it’s Mother’s Day,
And so to you, we sing.

This traditional song is sung at birthday parties and also for Mother’s Day. Often it is played by Mariachis. It’s called Las Mañanitas de Madres because it is sung in the morning before the sun rises to awaken those who are being celebrated with beautiful music on their special day.

Thanks go to Sandra for the translation and information about the song.

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