Beginning a Year of Prayer

Prayer isn’t just another good thing to do; it’s absolutely necessary if we want to know God’s will in our lives and draw closer to him. The trouble is finding the time and willpower to pray.

Year of Prayer

For the next four weeks, our parish family is beginning the year with prayer. How do we become a bit more intentional in our prayer lives?

In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz suggests we start by asking these four simple questions: When should I pray, where should I pray, what should I pray, and why should I pray? (Note: Fr. Mike talks a bit fast. Click CC for closed captioning, or you can change the playback speed. Just click on the video link, then the gear icon for SETTINGS. Choose PLAYBACK & .75)

This week’s prayer challenge for our parish is to dedicate 5 minutes of undivided prayer time to your morning routine. Here are some suggestions: Read the gospel each day this week and meditate on a few words or verses that stick out to you. (You can also watch our daily video reflections on Facebook.)

Start with a morning offering and talk to God about your schedule for the day

Thank God for the day and give him your stress and worries. Tell him what’s weighing on you and offer your worries and suffering to Christ. Good luck with your prayer challenge this week! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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