Dejar Ir

San Francisco de Asís usó “Dejar ir” como una forma de acercarse a Dios. Dejó a su familia, sus posesiones, su sueño de ser un caballero y su miedo a los leprosos. No fue hasta que Francisco dejó de lado estas cosas que fue capaz de entregar su vida por completo a Dios. San Francisco […]

Letting Go

St. Francis of Assisi used “Letting Go” as a way to get closer to God. He let go of his family, his possessions, his dream of being a knight and his fear of lepers. It wasn’t until Francis let go of these things that he was able to fully give his life to God. St. […]

How to Sell a Car, Franciscan Style

Did you know that it was during St Francis’ life, spurred by the growth of the merchant class, that money first became widely used in Italy? In the midst of this growth of commerce, the friars developed a deep understanding of how economics affects people and communities. Coupling their observations and theology, the Franciscan developed […]

Why is our Mission named after a King of France?

San Luis Rey is the Spanish name for Louis IX, King of France. Louis was a younger contemporary of St. Francis. Prince Louis’ education included instruction by some of St. Francis’ earliest followers. He became the King of France at the age of twelve and ruled his country for 44 years. St. Louis is often […]

Rebuilding OUR Church – The Body of Christ

Click here for Pensamiento Franciscano – a copy of this article in Spanish. You most likely saw the devastating news regarding Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. At that time, we witnessed the true beauty of the Church – the body of Christ coming together after such a shocking event, right before Easter Sunday. It awoke […]

Being Franciscan: Lent, Dialogue and Reconciliation

BEING FRANCISCAN: SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2019 English: 9:05- 9:50 am St. Francis Hall Spanish: 10:50-11:45 am Join Br. Javier “Tito” Garcia as he shares reflections on Lent, Dialogue, and Reconciliation. Hear Br. Tito connect the story of St. Francis and the leper to his current ministry with families in need. He will talk about the […]

Life and Ministry

Dear Friends, Thank you for supporting Franciscan life and ministry in the Province of St. Barbara with your gift of $2,303.33.   it gives me great joy to know that you are joining yourself to our mission through your faithful support, even during these difficult days of our Church.  I will pray for your happiness.  I […]

Gracious and loving God, we thank you for the gift of our priests.

October 28 – Priesthood Sunday is a special day set aside to reflect upon and affirm the role of the priesthood in the life of the Church. In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives sight to a man named Bartimaeus, who then follows Jesus “on the way” of discipleship. God, through baptism, has given us the gift […]

Who is Fr. Tommy King, OFM?

Did you know? -Fr. Tommy just celebrated 25 years of Franciscan Priesthood in February 2018. -has seven siblings-loves soccer (ask him about his Manchester United shirt!)-has served as a full-time Franciscan Missionary in the Peruvian Amazon and                Guatemala-loves San Francisco Giants Baseball  Currently, Fr. Tommy is serving at the Casa […]