Reflections on the weekly gospel from our Pastoral Team.

Your Light Has Come

With this celebration, we understand that today, all the gentiles of the world understand that Jesus came, not just for the people of Israel, but for all people everywhere.

News of Great Joy!

As we celebrate the birth of Christ this Christmas, let joy be born in our hearts not just this Christmas day, but the whole year; not just the whole year, but our whole lives

To Live In God’s Time

In this season of Advent, the Good News, the Gospel, invites us to “wake up.” To live in the present, to live in God’s time, ‘kairos’. Where Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, or God with us, is literally the living and real God who dwells in each one of us. This is our great truth, which shines on our Church like the star of Bethlehem. But living in God’s time entails a great sacrifice of our ego, our way of thinking, and our lifestyle.

Facing Doubt and Despair at Advent

Advent is the season of hope, peace, joy, and love. But what if during this period of waiting and preparing, doubt and despair get the best of us? READ MORE.

If Adam & Eve Did Not Sin?

Would Christ still have come into the world if Adam and Eve did not sin?

The great medieval Franciscan theologian John Duns Scotus responded YES to that question.

For Scotus, the Incarnation is so central to the divine plan that it should be considered independent from human sin. That is, of the fall of Adam and Eve. God’s actions should be pure initiative, not reactive and caused by sin. God became human because he wanted us to be united to Godself.

Christ the King

Today we close the liturgical cycle with the celebration of Christ the King, a celebration that serves as a bridge between the end of the current cycle and the next. The key to this liturgical celebration lies in the understanding and interpretation that we have of this title of Christ as King, as this understanding will mark our perspective of what we have experienced as Christians throughout the previous year and will also mark our expectations regarding the future that awaits in the new cycle.

Do Not Be Afraid

We pray today for the grace to endure patiently any trials that are essential to our affirmation of Jesus Christ.

Go Vote!

In light of Catholic teaching, the bishops vigorously repeat their call for renewed politics that focuses on moral principles, the promotion of human life and dignity, and the pursuit of the common good. Political participation in this spirit reflects not only the social teaching of our Church but the best traditions of our nation.

A Reflection On All Hallows Eve

From the Pastor’s Desk From our Director of Religious Education The Catholic Church is a Church of life and light. We love to celebrate, we have feast days all year long! Throughout the year, we celebrate the saints that are recognized by the Church, but on All Saints Day, we remember the saints whose names Read More

The Importance of Humble Prayer

From the Pastor’s Desk From our Director of Religious Education In today’s Gospel, we continue to hear about the importance of prayer, specifically, humble prayer. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells the following Parable: Two men enter the temple to pray, one man a Pharisee, the other a tax collector. Pharisees’ were people who Read More

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