As I Have Loved You

How many of us love God with all of our minds, hearts, and all of our being? How many of us keep God’s commandments? How many of us consider ourselves true or authentic children of God? How many of us would give our lives and die for a friend? It would be very important to […]

We Are the Branches

During Easter time we have heard different titles for Jesus: Living Bread, Good Shepherd. If you remember from last Sunday’s Gospel, we were told that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are the sheep. We should listen to His voice. In today’s Gospel, the image is that Jesus is the vine and we are […]

Shepherds and Sheep

During this pandemic, I have seen some social media posts that compare people who wear masks or get vaccinated to sheep. They imply that wearing masks and vaccinations are signs of weakness, of blindly following the crowd, or of sacrificing our personal liberty. Sadly, even some Catholics bought into this narrative and helped perpetuate behaviors […]

Peace Be With You

Jesus’ greeting of peace to his disciples is an encouraging and hopeful greeting, in the midst of so much confusion and despair. This greeting comforts them and clarifies all of their doubts that they had of a Jesus who is not dead, but has risen, and is in their midst. Obviously that when they saw […]

Divine Mercy

Today we are celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday, and I want to reflect how God’s mercy has sustained us in many ways, and how His mercy is reflected in how Jesus treated Thomas in the Gospel. During this past year, we have had the terrible experience of the worldwide pandemic. We have experienced loss, racial hate […]

Yes, We Can!

First of all, for those of you who are not regular attendees at our Masses, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to you. Maybe you’ve been away from the church due to bad experiences in the past, or maybe you come because your family drags you with them. Whatever the reason is, welcome! […]

Not What I Will

This Sunday, March 28, we are celebrating Palm Sunday, of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus will be tried, condemned and crucified. The most difficult and painful path begins for Our Lord Jesus Christ; he feels abandoned, betrayed and marginalized by his disciples. Being man, like us, he shares everything with us, except […]

Making Our Lives Sacred

This is the last Sunday before Holy Week. We must prepare ourselves with greater attention and be conscience with greater love to the mysteries that our eyes will see, and the words that will bless our Heart, giving it health and conversion. We can easily identify with those Greeks who had the longing to know […]

Celebrating St. Joseph

“Joseph, Son of David, do not fear to take Mary your wife into your home.” (Mt. 1.20) This fear of Joseph: Where does it come from? Not from his fear of God, for he is a just man who knows God’s promises. It comes from fear of himself, fear that he is not worthy to […]

Respect for God’s House

This Sunday, March 7, we celebrate the Third Sunday of Lent. It is very important to ask each one of us who are Catholic Christians several questions. When we come to celebrate and live the Holy Eucharist, how do we dress? Do we dress modestly, as if we were going to the most beautiful and […]