Your Faith Has Saved You.

From the Associate Pastor How many of us recognize our spiritual blindness? How many of us reject and discriminate against people who come to Jesus to be healed? How many of us believe that Jesus can heal us of our spiritual blindness and we don’t ask Him in faith? Unfortunately, there are many Catholics with […]

A Walk Through the Mass Step By Step

Recorrido Por la Misa: Una Explicación Paso a Paso Week Three: the Liturgy of the Eucharist Click for PDF Tercera Semana: Liturgia de la Eucharistía Haga clic para PDF Week Two: The Liturgy of the WordClick for PDF Segunda Semana: Liturgia de la Palabra Haga clic para PDF Week One: Introductory Rites and Concluding Rites, […]

The Son of Man Came to Serve

As we continue with our step-by-step explanation of the Eucharist, I pray that all of us will embrace this beautiful gift from Jesus, and participate more actively in our Eucharists. In today’s Gospel, we hear James and John asking Jesus for good places in the Kingdom of God, but I see that they were not […]

Our Franciscan Identity

From Our Associate Pastor. The Franciscan movement started with a few local people helping Francis care for the lepers outside the city walls of Assisi. For the early Franciscans, this was the privileged place where they could encounter Christ himself and undergo conversion. This is why nowadays you would find Franciscans taking care of the […]

The Church St. Francis Chose to Build…

The following is a Franciscan Reflection, shared with us in place of a letter from our Pastor. St. Francis was a Loser What? Did I hear that right? ‘St. Francis was a loser.’ It was just last year, sitting outside during the pandemic in the cool night air for Mass on the Feast Day of […]

And they recognized him

As we continue reflecting on our understanding of the Eucharist, and following the Eucharistic Initiative, this Sunday’s Gospel is taken from St. Luke 24: 13-35. Some of us know this story “the road to Emmaus” very well. This story takes place in the day on Easter Sunday. Who are those two persons walking this road? […]

Only Say The Word and My Soul Shall Be Healed

“Commissioning Service of Catechists” This weekend we celebrate the commissioning Service of catechists with a fascinating reading from the Gospel of Saint Mark. In this Gospel, Mark tells us that, for Jesus, the ministry of service was very important. In the Gospel’s story we heard that Jesus called the twelve, and said to them, “If […]

Who Do You Say That I Am?

When we read, examine, and meditate on the Gospel of this Sunday, September 12, many questions will surely arise from Jesus towards us, and from us towards Jesus. Jesus knew perfectly his identity and what the response of his disciples would be when he told them the origin of his identity. If Jesus asked us […]

Open Our Hearts, Lord

The ministry of Jesus which goes beyond the Jewish territory and into the gentile areas is a beautiful illustration of what the prophet Isaiah proclaimed in the first reading this Sunday (read Isaiah 35: 4-5). The age of the Messiah and salvation has come, not only for the Jews but for the gentiles as well. […]

Law and Order: From the Associate Pastor

No, I am not talking about the super-popular television show that follows the investigation and persecution processes of a crime. The concept of law and order simply means that for a society to be ordered and have an opportunity to flourish, all its members need to have respect for and be obedient to a set […]