I started the day with a heavy heart…

It’s Tuesday morning.   I started the day with a heavy heart.  I received yet another complaint about how much we are “spending on the poor” and our parish outreach ministry.  In fact, the unsigned message I received stated that the person is cutting his or her parish donation because I am “wasting [his or her] […]

Going the Way of the Lord – Oct. 28, 2018

Peace and all good! Perhaps we have the experience of being at Mass on Sunday and all of a sudden there is some kind of a disturbance—someone shouting out from the back of the church or walking around for no particular reason. I have heard that the papal Mass at Easter has been interrupted in […]

Serving God and Others

Peace and all good! This week I call our attention to the Opening Prayer (the Collect) of the Mass. The Collect prays that we might always conform our will to God’s will, and serve him in sincerity of heart. Discernment of God’s will is important in figuring out how we are to live as both […]

Call to Discipleship – Oct. 14, 2018

Peace and all good! Our Gospel story from St. Mark, relates the sharing between the young rich man and Jesus. The rich man has kept all the rules and knows there is more. He seeks Jesus out to learn how he can get closer to God. But his face falls when he learns the cost. […]

Mercy and Compassion: October 7, 2018

Peace and all good! In today’s Gospel, Jesus presents his teaching on divorce and remarriage. And remember that the issue is not the divorce alone; it is remarriage that is at the heart of the issue. When the Pharisees remind Jesus that Moses permitted divorce, Jesus responds that Moses allowed it because of the “hardness […]

A Community of Disciples: September 30th, 2018

What kind of group was the community of disciples to be? John, and most likely all the others, understood Jesus and his followers constituted a closed community: there would be insiders and outsiders. Only those who were officially insiders—those called by Jesus—were to be treated as such. People who acted like insiders were to be […]

Those who wish to be first will be last: September 23, 2018

Peace and all good! In our Gospel today, Jesus gives the second prediction of his Passion, Death and Resurrection. Once again, the disciples do not understand what Jesus is talking about. And out of fear, they do not question him about it. Rather, the disciples argue about who’s the greatest and Jesus teaches them that […]

Who do they say that I am? September 14, 2018

Today in the gospel reading, we hear Jesus ask his apostles, “Who do they say that I am?” Peter replies, “You are the Christ.” After this answer, he begins to explain to them the meaning of “Christ,” as the revelation of the mystery and the path of his own mission, inspired by the figure of […]

Jesus opens our lives to the gift of salvation he offers: Sunday, September 09, 2018

In today’s Gospel, Jesus fulfills Isaiah’s words and heals a deaf man with a speech impediment. In Jesus, the deaf hear and the mute speak. Jesus opens our lives to the gift of salvation he offers. Time after time, he astonishes us, like he did the crowds centuries ago. Will we proclaim him as they […]

You have the words of everlasting life! Sunday, August 26, 2018

In last Sunday’s Gospel from John, we heard the murmuring of the crowds about Jesus’ words about being the bread of Life. This Sunday’s Gospel opens with the disciples themselves murmuring about how hard this is to accept! Some of the early disciples parted company with Jesus and returned to their regular jobs. But Jesus […]