Dear Meeting Organizers:

Are you having a meeting that requires a microphone?
Do you want to play a powerpoint?
Do you need to play a video?
Do you need speakers with sound attached?
Do you need access to the internet?
Do you need a connection to a TV or a Projector?
Is your speaker bringing their own laptop but needs a projector and screen for the presentation? What kind of laptop are they bringing? PC or Mac?

To request a microphone, projector, screen, computer, AV cart, television with DVD, speakers or internet connection, a notice of (7) days before the event is required.


When you fill out and submit your form, you will receive an email from the server acknowledging confirmation. Thank you for your request! Any questions?   For Sound, Kerey Quaid 760-547-0709, or for Visual Karen Willson at 760-547-0701