Dancing through the Narrow Gate

Fr. Vince in Rome

Peace and all Good!

When we hear Jesus say today that we must enter heaven through the narrow door, what do we think of? Isn’t it true that when we hear this, we automatically think of penance, sacrifice, and maybe even putting ourselves down? And yes, it is true that we must take up our cross daily. But with what attitude? Denying the world? Not experiencing the beauty that God has created? I don’t think so! Every one of us knows a saint—a dancing saint!  I think it is possible to dance with the saints, dance with our cross, and dance through the narrow gate all the way to God! Perhaps if we Christians looked livelier, then maybe more people would try the narrow door! We are not called to be dour! We need discipline but let’s be kind to ourselves. Plan to take better care of your body: if you smoke, quit; eat healthy foods, drink less, and sleep more. Take unnecessary walks. Waste less time worrying. Spend more time in silence. Love more. Refrain from bitterness. Amen!

Well, in less than two weeks on September 6th, forty-four pilgrims from our Mission community will be heading on a beautiful and inspiring pilgrimage to many holy places of Europe.  Our pilgrimage will take us to Lisbon, Fatima, Madrid, Lourdes, our Lady of Montserrat, Rome and Assisi. You and your intentions will be remembered at every Mass we celebrate in these holy places.  I invite you to visit the Welcome Table outside in the Serra Gardens today to fill out your prayer intention card.  We will take these cards with your prayer intentions with us and place them on the altars of each sanctuary. In this way, you will be spiritually close to all of us. And please pray for the pilgrims as well.  Thank you!

This weekend we welcome Br. Tito Garcia, O.F.M. to our parish staff.  Br. Tito will be working in Social Outreach Ministry and also as a staff member of our Religious Education Ministry for children. Br. Tito will bring much joy and dedication to his work! Welcome, Brother!  It’s wonderful to have you with us as part of our parish team!

I wish to thank everyone on the Feast of San Luis Rey Procession Committee. These wonderful parishioners gave so generously of their time and gifts to make our feast day such a beautiful and inspiring event!  In particular, much appreciation to Ro Morrison and the groups and ministries who made this event such a success.

In closing, I thank all of you for your prayers and support during my surgery and recovery. I am doing a lot better thanks to you, good doctors, and God. The Lord bless you.

Love, Fr. Vince Mesi, OFM

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