Enthroning the Bible at Home

Faith Formation


God is at the center of our home

To show that God is at the center of their lives, many families enthrone the Bible, the Word of God, in a visible place in their homes. By placing the Sacred Scriptures in a prominent place decorated with flowers and art, and by gathering at this spot for daily prayer, families show that God is present and active through his Word.

Enthroning the Bible in your home is easy. Simply pick a place where the Bible can be honored. The Bible should be placed where it will be seen regularly, but the location should be apart from the noise and confusion of the family entertainment.

Place the Bible, opened to a favorite passage or the readings of the day (these can be found here), on a table or shelf. Decorate the area around the Bible with a cloth, flowers, and/or a candle—whatever makes sense to you.

Use the following ritual prayer when you gather as a family to enthrone the Bible.

Click here for the Enthronement prayer and instructions in English.

Click here for the Enthronement prayer and instructions in Spanish.

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