Saint Luke

As we begin our new liturgical year, all are invited to this special study of the Gospel of St. Luke. It is truly one of the most beautiful books ever written! St. Luke describes the journey of the Good News: first from heaven to earth, then from Jerusalem to Nazareth, finally from Nazareth back again to Jerusalem, and reaching the farthest ends of the earth! Let us allow Luke to guide our own spiritual journey this year! We will begin at 6:00 p.m. with delicious hot soup and then begin our study of the Gospel at 6:30 p.m. Mark your calendars now as Fr. Vince leads us through a prayerful study of Third Gospel: “Luke: The Song of Mercy!”

If you missed a class, here are links to the powerpoint presentations as a powerpoint show and a pdf file. Presentations are uploaded after the class has taken place.

January 10th Class One – THEMES – Click for PDF and SLIDESHOW.
January 17th Class Two – PARABLES – Click for PDF and SLIDESHOW.
January 24th Class Three -PARABLES PART TWO – Click for PDF and SLIDESHOW
January 31st Class Four