Financial Update

Acts of Faith

Did you know we have over 3,000 parishioners who attend Mass here at Mission San Luis Rey Parish every weekend? As I think about our Parish, I think about it as a family. All families have bills to pay, homes to care for, and items that need to be repaired or replaced. Think of the electricity you use in your home, the gas you put in your car, the everyday items you buy such as cleaning supplies and paper products, or the food you buy. Now think about that for 3,000 parishioners. While the Parish may not feed or clothe 3,000 people, we do have 3,000 people that park in the parking lot for masses, use electricity in the Serra Center and Parish Chapel, attend events in St. Francis Hall, and attend meetings in the Parish offices. Of course, like your own home, over time, these costs only grow. Last year at the Parish:

  • Electricity costs rose by over 16%
  • Water and sewer costs rose by 10%
  • Insurance costs rose by almost 8%
  • Salaries and benefits increased by 7-8% to keep up with minimum wage requirements and cover the increased cost of health care
  • Fumigation of the Parish building cost over $41,000
  • New roof cost over $85,000
  • While all of these costs went up, collections increased by only 1.5%.

Your generosity makes it possible to bring the Word of God to all of our families. As you decide how much you and your family can donate to support the Parish please consider increasing the amount you give. In the words of Pope Francis “The world tells us to seek success, power, and money; God tells us to seek humility, service, and love.”

Find out more about our financial stewardship at Mission San Luis Rey Parish.

Peace and joy,
Gwyn Grimes
Parish Administrator

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