Franciscan Thought – Reverence

Click here for Pensamiento Franciscano – Reverencia, a copy of this article in Spanish.

Reverence is an aspect of adoration. It is recognizing and honoring God and his word with adoring awe, fear and respect.   How we conduct ourselves speaks of our reverence and our relationship with God. 

Franciscan spirituality manifests a profound reverence for all life and all humankind.  Human life is a precious gift from God.  As children of God, we are brothers and sisters to all peoples—races and beliefs. We should strive daily to show a reverence for all human life and life of all forms.

St. Francis and St. Clare both focused on creating caring communities through their great love and respect for the dignity of each individual. They believed in and nurtured genuine friendships based on openness, honesty, mutual interest, and support. Their outreach was intended to be all-inclusive and they regarded others as equals. St. Francis and St. Clare called men and women to be “brothers” and “sisters” and they modeled this in their relationships, which were always marked by an unconditional respect for the other.

We should always reverence the unique dignity of each person for the common good.  In the spirit of charity, we support each other.

As we strive to become better Catholics, we can reflect within and ask ourselves:

  • How do I live daily with a reverence for God and all creation?
  • Do I treat others as equals and create genuine friendships?  If not, what steps can I take to do so?

The Pastoral Council helps the Pastor foster an environment in our beautifully diverse Parish in which all are welcomed, the Gospel of Christ is lived through the lens of our shared Franciscan spirituality, and stewardship is practiced. Through planning, prayer, and discernment, the Pastoral Council endeavors to support the many good works of our parish ministries. Our Franciscan Thoughts are written by members of the Pastoral Council to deepen our understanding of what it means to live as members of a Franciscan parish. Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact Yvonne Hanzen, Council President, at

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