Jesus, the bread of life! Sunday, August 19, 2018

Our Liturgy for this 20th Sunday in Ordinary time continues our reflections on Chapter 6 of St. John’s Gospel, the “Bread of Life” chapter. Jesus has highlighted the reality of the Eucharist. Now he reflects further on its meaning. He makes reference to remaining in him and he in us. In other words, when we participate in the Eucharist, we are drawn into an intimate relationship with Jesus. The Eu‐ charist is all about relationship and presence. This bread gives real life. It is not the bread that their ancestors ate. That bread could nourish the pilgrims on their way to the Promised Land but it could not give them eternal life. However, those who eat and drink the Eucharist will live forever. We are about to partake of the banquet pre‐ pared for us by God’s wisdom. May we become what we eat, Jesus, the bread of life!

It is official! We welcome Fr. Oscar Mendez, O.F.M. as another associate pastor here at Mission San Luis Rey Parish! As you know, this is a large parish and having another priest will certainly help us open up even more spiritual life in our parish. Fr. Francisco is due back from his sab‐ batical the end of this month and so we will be blessed to have three priests ministering in the parish! Along with our amazing staff and the many volunteers who give of their time, talent and treasure, our parish will only grow into a more excellent community. Watch the bulletin for a reception to welcome home Fr. Francisco and to welcome Fr. Oscar!

This coming Friday is one of the most important feast days for our Mission Community: The Feast of St. Luis the King, our Patron! As is traditional, we will celebrate this feast with a beautiful bi‐lingual Mass in the Old Mission and process with the image of San Luis Rey in front of the Mission. The Procession culminates with a glorious firework display over the Mission! There will be food and entertainment as well! So, plan to celebrate with the entire Mission community this Friday evening, The Feast of St. Louis the King!

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