For most of us, there is no limit to the amount of love we give to our children, our parents, our spouses. As Catholics, we profess there is no limit to the love we give to our God. By proclaiming to love God above all, thereby living as intentional
disciples following the example of His Son, we are called to extend Love without Limits, as Jesus did.

Sacrificial giving is an expression of love, not simply because of the amount given. Sacrificial gifts are prayerful, planned and proportionate to an individual’s ability to give, made with the complete understanding that all we have, including our financial resources, is only ours to steward for the benefit of others and to proclaim the kingdom of God.

When we stop and consider how much to give – how much to sacrifice for love of God and our neighbor we should remember what God sacrificed for love of us.

Ways to Give

Cash / Envelopes

Register with the parish to receive envelopes for weekly offerings.