Gratitude – A Spirit-Filled Principle

Life in Gratitude

Through the practice of gratitude, St. Francis of Assisi experienced the original blessing of God, which is that we are created whole and perfect.

Gratitude is the natural response to the abundance of God’s love and is essential to life as a Christian.

St. Paul says: God desires that our thanksgiving be more than an occasional disposition; it is to be an integral expression of our spiritual lives.

Practicing gratefulness allows us to see each given moment as a gift, as an opportunity to be wrapped in gratitude — especially as we come to know the Giver of gifts.

We show gratitude when we come to Mass and smile at our neighbor. We show gratitude when we give of our first fruits. We show gratitude when we comfort the sick and lonely. We show gratitude by sharing our abundance with our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

There can be no happiness without gratitude. When we communicate gratitude, we can be filled with the Spirit and connect to those around us and the Lord.

How do you feel when someone expresses gratitude to you?

How do you feel when you express gratitude to another?

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