St. Francis HALL - A Space Renewed

St. Francis Hall – A Space Renewed

Thank you to our parish family and community for your donations, fundraisers, and hard work that helped us finish our St. Francis Hall renewal project.

St. Francis Hall is used for Parish-wide activities including, parishioners, family and community receptions, ministry meetings, guest speakers, bingo and presentations, performances, and religious education.

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Thanks to the efforts of our entire Parish, we have created a more functional and attractive St. Francis Hall to hold our large Parish activities, facilitate meaningful connections with our community and friends, and create an engaging environment to support both religious education and community outreach.

Renovations to St. Francis Hall included:

  • Replacing and upgrading the lighting, renovating the flooring, and repainting the walls to create an environment that is both warm and welcoming.
  • Installing a vaulted, wood-panel ceiling to improve sound quality and convert the industrial, unfinished hall to an aesthetically pleasing and completed space that is both functional and beautiful.
  • Purchasing new acoustic panels and an upgraded sound system to further enhance sound quality and enable parishioners, guests, and community members to clearly hear, understand, and enjoy the full impact of the experience.
  • Installing a soundproof room divider that allows us to simultaneously utilize the space for multiple groups, activities, and events.
  • Enhancing our user experience and incorporating purposeful storage by relocating and constructing a new, portable stage in the middle of the east end of the Hall—increasing the visibility of the stage, the usability of the entire space, and the availability of engagement.

We are fortunate to have a congregation with thriving ministries, that appreciates the importance of keeping facilities up to date, and the multitude of benefits this upgrade has provided to our Parish and our community. When we give generously, our gifts have wonderful, life-changing impacts that further our mission as Franciscans. Your contribution of time and generosity is a demonstration of thanks to God, a commitment to our Parish, and a blessing to all of God’s people

Thank you for ensuring that our Parish remains strong and vibrant today, tomorrow, and well into the future!

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