Hands Wanted

At our outdoor masses, many traditional Catholic customs have changed.  Before COVID, we greeted one another with hugs and handshakes.  Now we wear masks and physically distance ourselves.   But starting in September at our Spanish Masses, for the peace of mind of our parishioners who don’t want to forget giving to their parish, we’re bringing back one more Catholic tradition, ushers will be going through the aisle with the collection baskets.  I appreciate all you can do for our parish to financially support our liturgies, social outreach, and parish needs.      

Our English masses will continue to have the basket at the front entrance to the St. Michael’s garden for your donation.   There is an urgent need for ushers to volunteer to help us take up collections at the Saturday 5 pm, Sunday 8 am and 10 am and 5 pm.   Please call me, Fr. Oscar, if you can help.  (760-547-0714)  

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