Lenten Journey

Encounter Kumba

Enjoy our shared focus on Catholic Social Justice, activities for families, faith groups, ministries or individuals. Click here for a calendar of parish events, and join us on our shared Lenten Journey!

Disfrute de nuestro enfoque compartido en la justicia social católica, actividades para familias, grupos religiosos, ministerios o individuos. ¡Únase a nosotros en nuestro Viaje Cuaresmal compartido!

Video of the Week for 3-31-2019

Every person has basic rights that make life truly human. Corresponding to our rights, we all have duties and responsibilities to one another, our families and the larger society.

Read more about Kumba in Sierra Leone.
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Recipe of the Week for 3-31-2019

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Click here for the Ground Nut Stew Recipe from Sierra Leone
Estofado de maní – Sierra Leona

LENTEN DIGITAL RETREAT: Who is my neighbor?

Un Retiro Digital Para La Cuaresma: ¿Quién es mi prójimo?

This Lent, CRS Rice Bowl invites you, your family and community to journey alongside the Good Samaritan, to reflect on the question: Who is my neighbor? So many of our neighbors are on the move: migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons, travelers. The Good Samaritan—a traveler himself, one on the move—shows us what it means to encounter the stranger, to accompany one in need and become a companion on the journey.

That’s why we’ve prepared this digital retreat, juxtaposing the words of Jesus’ parable with the words of Pope Francis, connecting an ancient teaching with a present reality. Because we are all called to be Good Samaritans, especially today, as so many of our brothers and sisters are forced from their homes, fleeing violence, economic hardship, persecution and climate injustice.CLICK HERE FOR RETREAT PAGE


Salir al encuentro de la Cuaresma como familia.

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TEACHERS Grades 1 thru 8th and Youth Groups

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