Level Ground With the People


Today’s Gospel is taken from the first portion of Luke’s Sermon on the Plain in chapter 6. This is similar teaching to St. Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount. One difference is the geography: Matthew sets the sermon on a mountain to portray that Jesus is the new Moses; Luke sets the sermon on the plain—the level ground with the people. One of the chief themes of Luke’s Gospel is care for the poor. In fact, we hear Jesus say in Luke’s version: “Blessed are the poor”. In Matthew’s version of the sermon, Jesus says: “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” There is an edge to Jesus’ sermon in Luke’s Gospel because it addresses a topic about which Luke is passionate: God’s care for the poor and the marginalized. How are you poor? How are you rich? How might you give from your wealth?

As I write this letter, I am feeling so grateful for our amazing and delighƞul “Valentine’s Day Gala!” It was wonderful to see over 275 people sharing a meal, laughing and dancing up a storm! I wish to thank in a special way our fundraiser committee members who have spent hours and hours of dedicated planning and preparation for such a beautiful event! We also thank Mr. Hanz Jaime and his crew for preparing such a delicious dinner! So good! Finally, I am grateful that along with the enjoyment of community spirit, we definitely moved closer to our financial goal of $710 thousand dollars for “St. Francis Hall, a Space Renewed!” Hopefully, we will have a financial update next week.

As you can see from today’s bulletin, a new ministry on behalf of young marriages and couples, those with small children or without children. I invite these young people to come to our first get together on Sunday afternoon, February 24th. (Click here for the event news or – ) See the bulletin announcement for more details.

Have a great week!

Love, Fr. Vince

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