Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Contact Information

Ministry Coordinator (English)
Art Hernandez
Ministry Coordinator (Spanish)
Maria Gonzalez
Sacristan for Alb
Gina Mora

Click for a pdf of the Altar Servers English Ministry Brochure
Click for a pdf of the Altar Servers Spanish Ministry Brochure

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Altar Servers are deeply engaged in the Liturgies of the Parish, assisting the Presider in the celebration of the Mass.  The primary role of the altar server is to support Father during Liturgies by helping the priest and attentively participating in and assisting with the Mass, serving with reverence and respect.  Altar Servers are also a community of young people who serve the parish at Mass, help prepare food baskets for the needy, and also have fun together on field trips and other outings.

I want to be an Altar Server, what can I expect?

The Altar Servers assist Father at Mass to create a reverent and beautiful liturgy. Altar Servers have the opportunity to learn about and love the Mass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What about training?
A. Training is provided in monthly meetings for general knowledge and expertise as well as rehearsal for special liturgies.

Q. Is it necessary to be certified by the Diocese?
A.  An Altar Server does not need to be certified by the Diocese but must be trained by the parish.

Q. What is the commitment?
A. Altar Servers server several times a month, generally at the mass of their choice. There are also monthly training opportunities for community service and recreational events several times a year.

Q. When are members of this ministry most needed?
A. Altar Servers are needed every weekend of the year, special Holy Days and for other special liturgies (Ordinations, Marriages, etc.)


O God, You have graciously
called me to serve You as an
Altar Server. Grant me the grace
that I need to serve you faithfully
and wholeheartedly and to never
be parted from you.