Catechists for Faith Formation

Contact Information

Director of Faith Formation
Elena Zavala
Administrative Assistant
Sandra Dominguez
Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Natalie Ibarra
Director of RCIA for Adults
Mary Dorso
Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos
Elizabeth Méndez
(760) 560-6058

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You can expect not to be a miracle worker; just someone who communicates the message of Jesus Christ.
You can expect to learn about your students and come to know their everyday experiences; to teach them truths of the faith and relate those truths to their lives.
You can expect to bring love, forgiveness, and compassion into a prepared lesson.
You can expect to teach both, the student and his/her family, in the example of faith.
You can expect to teach how to be disciples, and expect to be challenged by being an example of what it means to be a Catholic.
You can expect you will learn more and more about Jesus as your mentor and your model.


Q. What about training?
A. Training is provided through the Diocesan Basic Catechist Formation Course which is offered at the parish or surrounding parishes. Completing this course certifies the catechist to teach in parish faith formation programs.

Q. What does the Diocese require of Catechists?
A. Since catechists serve in a Church ministry that involves minors, they are screened and are required to participate in safe environment training. Catechists willingly comply with these regulations because they understand the importance of providing a safe environment where young people can learn.

Q. What is the time commitment?
A. The time commitment is different for each program. Some require weekly or others an occasional commitment. The program directors can give you the specifics.

Q. When are the members of this ministry most needed?
A. There is a need for teachers at all levels: on the elementary level, youth, and adults.