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Hospitality Sets the Table

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Ministry Coordinator (English)
Marta Werner

Hospitality in our parish is the basic expression of the love of Christ for every individual. It is who we are in relationship to others—before we evangelize and before we engage. It is the sense of openness and warmth people feel when they come into our midst. Right now, our parish is making an extra effort to emphasize hospitality as an expression of God’s love. In all we do—from priest to parishioner—we are working to make sure our parish is a place that people are drawn to, where people can feel at home.

*Today, let us carry on that proud, beautiful, and often heroic tradition of sacred hospitality. May we greet others with the warmth of our presence and the kindness of our smile. May we, like those in the Church before us, always see the face of Christ in those we meet. May we show others—through our acts and deeds—the love “as the Father has loved us.”

*Adapted from Notes from a Presentation by Rev. Michael Joncas for Archdiocesan Spring Formation Day, April 16, 2013 )

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