Lectors Ministry


Contact Information

English Lectors Coordinator
Linda Causee
Spanish Lectors Coordinator
Veronica Jaime
English Lectors Co-Coordinator
Nancy Auger
Spanish Lectors Co-Coordinator
Gisela Yanez

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Click here for a pdf Brochure about the Spanish Lector's Ministry

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For more than 40 years, lay people at Mission San Luis Rey Parish have had the opportunity to proclaim the Word at Mass. Lectors must be aware of the responsibility of this task. For many people, the proclamation of the Word at Sunday Mass and the proclamation of the Gospel by the priest is the only time that they are regularly exposed to Holy Scripture. The Lector Ministry strives to make the Liturgy of the Word as meaningful as possible for the worshipping assembly.

  • Lectors proclaim God’s Word which reveals God action in our lives.
  • Lectors strive to impart God’s Word in a clear and compelling manner so that the community might be inspired to ponder and meditate how God’s Word is visible in their daily lives.
  • The Lector Ministry at Mission San Luis Rey Parish seeks individuals who have a love of scripture and public reading or speaking skills.
  • Special group training sessions are offered at our monthly meetings.
  • Lectors receive a 3-year Diocesan certification through our parish training.
  • Each lector determines his or her own time commitment both in scheduling and personal preparation.
  • Lectors are scheduled to read at specific masses on Saturdays, Sundays, and holy days of obligation.