Stewardship Ministry

Contact Information

Ministry Coordinator (English)
Marta Werner

Stewardship - A Way of Life! It is a daily challenge to grow!

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for promoting and nurturing the ongoing stewardship efforts of the parish. The Committee is committed to building a community of prayer and hospitality which welcomes and affirms all gifts. The Committee is responsible for the design and implementation of the annual stewardship renewal campaign. Also, the Committee develops programs for welcoming new parishioners, creates tools which invite all parishioners to share their time, talent and treasure and assists with the placement of voluntary ministry talents based on the needs of the parish community.

Are you being called? Do you have the heart for service? We need you! Put your love and faith into action. Whether you are a leader, joiner, speaker, writer, or worker bee -- join us! Every gift of service is appreciated. A few hours of your kindness and generosity, giving freely of your talents can make a huge difference at Mission San Luis Rey Parish.