Ministry Category: Social Outreach Ministries

We serve the poor, care for creation and build and just and compassionate world.

Catholic Parents Community (CPC)

Catholic Parents Community meetings will be held every Sunday morning from 9:05‐9:45 a.m. in Room #212 when there are Religious Education classes, except when the “Being Franciscan” presentations are being held. Our schedule for the CPC meetings will be the following for September and October: Sept. 23 ‐ 9:05‐9:45 ‐ Room 212 ‐ 1st Gathering […]

Grief Support Ministry

The Grief Support Ministry is about bringing people together who have suffered a significant loss in their lives.  Our mission is to journey with grieving people toward new life and move toward closure. According to Richard Rohr, “Grief, believe it or not, is a liminal space where God can fill the tragic gap with something new […]

Social Outreach & Advocacy

We welcome Angel Ibarra to the staff as Director of Social Outreach and Advocacy. Angel will be responsible for continuing the good work that has been done and developing programs for the poor and disenfranchised that the whole community can be involved with. In addition, he will work with the Parish community to determine which […]


The International Order of Alhambra is a Catholic Fraternal Order serving the developmentally disabled.  Our service includes donations to private schools educating developmentally disabled children and providing them with vocational skills; participating in Special Olympics; conducting recreation, field day programs, and summer camps; providing field trips, boat rides, zoo trips, circus trips, picnics, Christmas parties, dinner […]