News for 6-13-2021

Bear Much Fruit

June 13 is the Feast of St. Anthony. However, as this year falls on a Sunday, the celebration of the Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time takes precedence. Therefore, we will celebrate Saint Anthony, this Monday the 14th, at the daily Mass at 8 AM.

On June 15, many of the state mandates are being lifted and changed. We are awaiting guidelines from the Diocese to find out what this means for our Masses, especially regarding the use of masks, in a group setting. We will communicate any updates to you on our social networks and website.

Just a general reminder. If you feel sick in any way, stay home. Remember that our live broadcasts of Mass are now on Sundays, at 10 AM in English and at 12 noon in Spanish. Let’s protect the health of others and remain vigilant as we move forward with reopening guidelines.

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