Offertory Reflections


This weekend our brothers and sisters in Canada celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course, Thanksgiving here in the United States is later in November. But, being thankful is never out of season! The very word Eucharist means thanksgiving. Every Eucharist is an act of thanksgiving for all that the Lord has done for us. Isn’t it true, however, that sometimes we participate in the Eucharist wondering what we get out of it or what we need to do in order for it to be a meaningful celebration? I would suggest that we change our approach to one of asking what will I be most thankful for at this Liturgy. An “attitude of gratitude” instead of a presumption of entitlement can make a big difference in how we celebrate Eucharist.

This weekend we are called upon to reflect on our level of financial support of our parish. Today we will hear about our financial situation and the support we give to our various ministries and for the upkeep and restoration of our parish facilities and grounds. Last week special brochures explaining the Stewardship of Treasure were placed at your seats and you were encouraged to take them home with you to help discern your level giving in the offertory each Sunday. There are also brochures with envelopes on your chairs today. As we make our yearly pledge to our parish, can we ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Is my level of giving planned—Do I know what I will give in the collection before I arrive on Sunday?
  • Is the level of giving proportionate to my salary and to other obligations I might have?
  • Is the level of my giving sacrificial?
  • Can I take a step forward this year?

Even if the amount of your gift will remain the same this year, I ask that all of us fill out a pledge card to aid in our financial planning for the coming church year. I thank you for your fidelity to this parish community.

Let us recall that October celebrates Respect Life Month. As Catholics, we are called to cherish, defend and protect those who are most vulnerable, from the beginning of life to its end and at every point in between! Remember “Christ our Hope: In Every Season of Life.” Please pray that our hope in Christ’s resurrection will strengthen us in protecting the gift of human life. Amen.

Love, Fr. Vince

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