Our God is For Us

Having faith in and being in a relationship with a Triune God should not be difficult for us to grasp. Our God is for us. God created us in his image, God dwelt among us as the Son and now remains with us in truth and as our strength and guidance. Everything God does, God does for us! As we celebrate this doctrine of our faith, let us give thanks for the mystery of our redemption by God, through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us respond to God’s grace by glorifying God by living in right relationship with God and with one another!

We are happy to announce our first “Loretto Market” beginning this Sunday after the 10:00 a.m. and noon Masses! This will be a free farmer’s market in which you can exchange fruit and vegetables with others in the Parish. We will have this market monthly, see upcoming bulletins for future announcements.

This week, our Religious Education department will begin a two week “Summer Bible Camp.” Last year this program for children was a total success! What a delight to see so many young people filled with energy—lots of it!—on our parish campus! I highly recommend that you register your children for this amazing program of activities, for prayer, study, games, and great food! It begins on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., come in early to register your child!

Many of us are still reeling from our fantastic “Rock Around the Clock” evening of great food, music and dance and all‐around delightful nostalgia! Some 200 people were in attendance. We owe much appreciation to all who worked so hard to put the show on. In particular, we thank Claudia LaBarge and the Hospitality Committee, Linda Causee, Marta Werner, Julie Moran, and their able team for all the hours of preparation and planning and decorating the hall. We thank Natalie Ibarra and our youth ministry along with the Knight’s Squires for all the help serving the food. Appreciation as well to Tim Lee, Marcelino Cuenca, and helpers for grilling the food and staffing the bar. And of course, we thank our D.J., Bob McKeon for outstanding music and for a thoroughly upbeat evening! A good time was had by all. A great fundraiser for the parish and community builder!

Next Sunday is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord (Corpus Christi). You are invited to join the Guamanian community in a special procession of the Blessed Sacrament following the 10:00 a.m. Mass. “Bread of angels, we receive you; with us now abide.”

Love, Fr. Vince

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