Pontifical Good Friday Collection

Every year on Good Friday, The Holy Father asks each Catholic parish around the world to take up a Good Friday Collection to keep Christians in the Holy Land. The Collection supports the work of the Franciscans in the sacred shrines and allows them to receive pilgrims, minister to the parishes, provide formation and education in the communities and schools, and care for the basic needs of the people in the Holy Land.

Particularly facing the challenges that stem from this global pandemic, your support is essential to this ministry. In solidarity with Pope Francis, Mission San Luis Rey parish asks you for your prayers, generosity, and financial support for the Good Friday Collection.

Your donation supports the 800-year mission of the Franciscan friars, the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land of keeping Christianity alive in the land where Jesus lived. Your donation also helps maintain the holiest of shrines in the Holy Land and provides charitable activities for the poorest of people in that area. Holy Land Franciscans also provide education to children, run parishes, and provide liturgical, ecumenical, and communications programs. It is because of you that a Christian presence exists in the Holy Land.

Click here to donate now. There will also be a collection during in-person services on Good Friday.

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