Remember the Golden Rule

Francis Ministers

Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain continues today as he teaches his disciples to love their enemies and bless those who curse them. His wisdom turns the way the disciples are used to relating to people upside down. In conveying his wisdom, Jesus attempts to distinguish what is required of his followers from the way sinners live. Jesus’ disciples are to extend mercy in the same manner in which the Father does. We remember The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” With this in mind, I would like to invite us to consider volunteering your time to help in our Social Outreach and Advocacy Ministry. If you are low on time, consider donating non-perishable foods to our Food Pantry, donations bins can be found in the Serra Center every weekend. For more information as to how you can help those in need, please call Mr. Angel Ibarra at his listed parish number (page 2 of the bulletin).

One of the main goals of the Pastoral Council and myself is to better serve young people in our parish. It seems to me that young couples or parents of small children have special gifts to offer our community. Often times it may look like everything going on in the parish is for older people. I would like to break that mold! To do that I invite you to join us this Sunday afternoon for some “brainstorming” about ways in which this parish can better minister to you. What will it be? Social gatherings, formation topics, current events, child-related questions? How about fun! All of this is to strengthen marriages and nurture the life of families as a priority. Please come this Sunday. Let’s do something great together! (Child care will be available and we will serve refreshments.)

In closing, I wish to thank all those who have donated so far to the Annual Catholic Appeal to serve the many needs of our Diocese! If you have not made your pledge or a one‐time gift, please do so today. Pledge cards are available at each door of the church for your convenience. Our parish goal is $76 thousand dollars and whatever is pledged over that amount will come back to help fund the many needs of our parish. Last year $50 thousand dollars was returned to the parish! Thank you for supporting the larger community of faith in the Diocese and for supporting our local community of San Luis Rey! You are appreciated!

Love, Fr. Vince

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