Serving God and Others

Peace and all good!

This week I call our attention to the Opening Prayer (the Collect) of the Mass. The Collect prays that we might always conform our will to God’s will, and serve him in sincerity of heart. Discernment of God’s will is important in figuring out how we are to live as both citizens of heaven and citizens of the civil society in which we find ourselves. That kind of discernment demands that we constantly seek to purify our actions and our motives and to be focused on Gospel values. Indeed, we need to look at everything through the lens of our faith, especially celebrated in the Eucharist. This is the only way to properly discern what is good and holy and part of God’s plan for the world.

I call your attention to two important workshops coming up for Lectors and Ushers (Hospitality Ministers). Next Saturday, all lectors and others wanting to find out more about this ministry are invited to attend a special day of prayer and formation in the role of the Lector. Indeed, this is an important ministry for all of us who gather for worship. The Lector must be able to convey God’s word so that the message can be heard and felt by the people. See the bulletin for more details.

Then, on Saturday, November 3rd, all present Ushers and those interested in this ministry are invited to a morning of prayer and formation in the role of the Usher or more properly called the Minister of Hospitality. You are the first person parishioners and visitors will meet as they arrive for Mass on Sunday. Therefore, we are to greet and welcome all as brothers and sisters and perform other roles to see that the Liturgy flows smoothly and safely. Please see today’s bulletin and mark your calendar for this most important meeting.

Finally, many thanks to all who are participating in our “Joy of Generosity” annual stewardship of treasure process today. I invite all of to make a weekly commitment to our parish which is “planned, proportionate to your income, and sacrificial”. Thank you for your generous financial support of this community!

Fr. Vince

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