Solar is Coming to the Serra Center Parking Lot

You may have noticed several large “carports” being erected in the north parking lot behind the Serra Center. These are the support structures for the new photovoltaic system. Within the next six weeks, TRITEC America and Elite Electric will be on-site to complete the installation of a 140 KW solar power system which promises to deliver nearly 216,000 kWh’s of electrical power each year. The installation is happening with absolutely no money out of our pocket.

Within the past year, we entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with TRITEC America. What that essentially means is that, when this project is done, we will be buying most of our electrical power from TRITEC America instead of buying it from SDG&E. And we will be buying it at a much lower rate. In fact, during the first year alone, we anticipate a savings of over $24,000! It is also projected that the per year savings will increase during each subsequent year.

Although we will obtain most of our power from the new solar power system, we will remain connected to the grid – so that when the panels are not producing electricity (such as at night), we will still have electricity. And another side benefit is that the panels will provide shade to any vehicles parking below them (first come first served!).

Don Chadwick
Facility Manager
Mission San Luis Rey Parish
Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 547-0755 (direct)

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