Live in such a way…

Peace and all Good! On this Sunday and the next, John the Baptist fills a prominent role in the Gospel. The purpose of John’s entire life was to point the way to the Messiah. Today he tells us: “Make ready the way of the Lord, clear him a straight path.” And on next Sunday he […]

Beyond Everyday History, There is Salvation History

Dear friends, Peace and all Good!  The terrifying words of coming tribulation seem out of place in the season of “Deck the Halls” and Christmas shopping. While all the world is preparing for a family holiday, a big feast, a babe in the manger, the church wants us to prepare for the end of the […]

A Kingdom of Truth and Life

Peace and all Good! With this beautiful Solemnity of Christ the King, we bring our liturgical year to a close.  We honor our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.  However, Christ’s kingdom “is not of this world.”  Jesus does not call himself a “Jewish King”.  His kingship is broader than over one nation, and […]

The End of Times…

As our liturgical year comes to an end, the readings today are focused on the end of times.  Some people are frightened to hear what may happen, but for those who trust and believe in God, it should be a time to rejoice, and to remember our responsorial psalm today: “You are my inheritance, O […]

Going the Way of the Lord – Oct. 28, 2018

Peace and all good! Perhaps we have the experience of being at Mass on Sunday and all of a sudden there is some kind of a disturbance—someone shouting out from the back of the church or walking around for no particular reason. I have heard that the papal Mass at Easter has been interrupted in […]

Serving God and Others

Peace and all good! This week I call our attention to the Opening Prayer (the Collect) of the Mass. The Collect prays that we might always conform our will to God’s will, and serve him in sincerity of heart. Discernment of God’s will is important in figuring out how we are to live as both […]

Mercy and Compassion: October 7, 2018

Peace and all good! In today’s Gospel, Jesus presents his teaching on divorce and remarriage. And remember that the issue is not the divorce alone; it is remarriage that is at the heart of the issue. When the Pharisees remind Jesus that Moses permitted divorce, Jesus responds that Moses allowed it because of the “hardness […]