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Welcome to Week Two of Advent. The Advent season is a time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to Christ’s second coming at the end of time and to the anniversary of Our Lord’s birth on Christmas. With songs, time spent together, and the word of God, let us join in our homes to prepare for the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ! (Click here for a printable PDF)

Monday, December 6: St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas was a bishop in the fourth century who was known for his generosity, one sign of which was leaving coins in the shoes of people who left them out for him. He is also said to have secretly given money to a family to provide funds so the daughters could marry. Nicholas suffered under persecution and defended the Church teaching about the Trinity at a time when it was disputed.

St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children. To honor him today, you might choose to do an act of kindness secretly, just as he did.

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“People Look East” is a song you might hear in church during the Advent season. Singing even the same simple song every day can create a lovely rhythm for the season.

People, look east. The time is near, of the crowning of the year.
Make your house fair as you are able, Trim the hearth and set the table.
People, look east and sing today: Love, the guest, is on the way.

Furrows, be glad, though earth is bare. One more seed is planted there:
Give up your strength the seed to nourish, That in course the flow’r may flourish.
People look East, and sing today; Love, the Rose, is on the way.

Tuesday, December 7: St. Ambrose

St. Ambrose was the bishop of Milan in the fourth century and a doctor of the Church. He wrote music that is used in the Liturgy of the Hours during Advent even today.

Regarding care for the poor, St. Ambrose said it was not charity but debt to those who were in need. Celebrate St. Ambrose’s feast day by contributing to an agency that serves the poor in your community.

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Wednesday, December 8: Immaculate Conception

God prepared Mary for her unique role in salvation history from the moment she was conceived. The special grace she received even before she was born helped give her the courage to say, “May it be done to me according to your word.” Mary’s yes changed the world.

Each one of us has the opportunity to participate in what God is doing in the world every single day. How can you respond with the same wholehearted yes as the Mother of God?

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Thursday, December 9: St. Juan Diego

Today the Church celebrates St. Juan Diego, the patron saint of indigenous peoples. The Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego near Mexico City in the sixteenth century, a time when people of his culture were treated as less than those who had come from Europe. Mary’s apparition and its miraculous image on Juan Diego’s tilma embodied many elements of indigenous culture. This event was the beginning of something new for the peoples of the Americas.

God is imaged in all people and all cultures. By listening to the stories of people who are different from us, we can participate in what God is doing in the world.

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Friday, December 10: Peace

In Isaiah, we hear about the possibility of peace flowing like a river. Life is full of conflict and misunderstanding. Relationships that seemed unbreakable can be torn apart by simple difficulties. When we consider the kingdom of God, of participating in God’s peace forever, it fills us with hope.

While at Mass, focus on what it must mean for Christ’s peace to be with you.

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Saturday, December 11: Our Only Hope

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus predicts his passion. It is an interesting thing to consider the cross during the season of Advent when we await the Lord’s coming. Yet the shadow of the cross is always present in the life of Jesus. In this season of hope, we look at the cross, our only hope, and see in it the resurrection and the possibility it contains: God filling the earth as water covers the sea.

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Advent Songs Online

Here is a playlist of music that is focused on preparation with Advent songs found online. Consider more meditative instrumental music for the playlist as well. Listening to this music in the car or while making dinner can balance the excitement and bustle of December. As much joy as we have for the coming of Christ, we still wait in hope for something more, and music can help us be present to that reality.

© 2021 USCCB, additional text by Liturgy Training Publications. 800-933-1800 and Kathryn Ball-Boruff. Permission to publish was granted by the Archdiocese of Chicago on February 9, 2021.

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