Thoughts on the Joy of Gratitude

Dan & Jeanne Iman

Mission San Luis Rey Parish has been a part of our lives since 1991.  We are forever grateful for the many gifts we received from so many people and ministries, including the Religious Education Programs, RCIA, Pastoral Council, Fundraising Opportunities, and Eucharistic Ministers.  We consider the Mission our home, full of spiritual parishioners who daily grace us with love and kindness, and whom we consider wonderful friends.  Raising our family alongside the beautiful people of our Church has indeed provided us with ample opportunities of gratitude and spiritual connections to our Lord. 

~~ Dan & Jeanne Iman

Shirley Gonzalez

I feel great gratitude for my spiritual family of San Luis Rey. For the smiles, the love, the support, and experiences that complete each day. Gratitude, for the shared wisdom in the classes for parents in our religious education programs, for the homilies that inspire our souls, for the prayers we offer for our sick and for the presence of multicultural communities in our parish.  

~~ Shirley Gonzalez

Pen & Amy Sinocruz

Volunteering at our church has made a significant impact in our lives. It has given us a personal connection leading to lifelong friends. Our commitment of time and talent to our parish, in the Art & Environment Ministry, has enhanced our awareness of the need for more stewards across our ministries. We are looking forward to that day when it’s time to meet with our Heavenly Father, we can hear Him say, “job well done, my faithful servants”. 

~~ Pen & Amy Sinocruz

John & Madeline Raymond

Madeline and I have been parishioners for 22 years. Madeline has quietly supported the department of Social Outreach, and I have been involved in many ministries from cantoring to carpentering — we feel gratitude for the loving expressions that our parish family has shown for our service. We strive to live with kindness, love, and patience within our parish and daily family life, which is what we experience as being part of this family of San Luis Rey. The joy of gratitude fills us when we attend Mass in our Parish Chapel and have breakfast with our Lord, who is our strength.

 ~~John & Madeline Raymond

Francisco Osio

I am incredibly grateful and fortunate to be a part of Mission San Luis Rey parish. I have grown spiritually and have had the privilege to see others grow in the same manner. I am blessed to be able to praise God through music and teach it to others, which has united so many different people of our community. I look forward to continue to grow and spread the word of God through my passion of music. ~~Francisco Osio 


Through the meetings, conferences, classes, and workshops that I have received, I feel that my faith has been strengthened. That is why I try to help with joy, gratitude, and enthusiasm in the liturgy and in the activities carried out in our community, as one family, as children of the same Father. ~~ Elsa Salas

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