Time is Short

Fr. Junipero Serra

Dear Friends, Peace and All Good!

“Let the dead bury their dead” is not a polite thing to say to a person who only wants to provide a simple, human service to his father. But, time is short and Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and to his death. It must be said that Jesus had high standards. And in St. Luke’s Gospel, this is a key theme. This is a Gospel of total dedication. The only disciples Jesus can use are those who put their hand to God’s plow and do not look back. You can only plow a straight line if you keep your focus on what you are doing.

This coming week on July 1st, we celebrate the Feast of the founder father of the California missions—St. Junipero Serra. Fr. Serra is quoted as having said: “Siempre adelante; nunca atras.” “Always go forward; never turn back.” We know from his life that is exactly what he did and how he lived. His work bore fruit for 50 years after his death as other friars founded the rest of the missions in a kind of Christian communal living. St. Junipero triumphed by his courage when everything would have appeared to discourage him and beat him down. He is the kind of disciple that Jesus needs to evangelize today. St. Junipero, pray for us.

Religious Education registrations begin this week, click here for more information regarding enrollment. Don’t delay! It’s important to register as soon as possible.

Our Youth Movie nights continue this Friday with the delightful Rio. All your support is very much appreciated by our youth attending Steubenville San Diego. Let us continue to pray for our entire Youth Ministry!

Love, Fr. Vince

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