Transform Your Thanksgiving

Thanking God for Family

Very soon Americans will celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays; a time where so much is devoted to sumptuous meals highlighted by turkey and pumpkin pie, traveling to and from the ancestral home, enjoying family, feasting on leftovers, seeing a Thanksgiving Day parade and watching football.

For many of us, Thanksgiving Day is so full of activity that there is a tendency to forget what’s at the heart of Thanksgiving, offering our thanks to God for the many gifts that have been bestowed upon us. Although sometimes the reason for the holiday is forgotten in our secular culture today, good stewards of their life and faith recognize that Thanksgiving should be directed primarily in God’s direction.

Because the “busyness” of Thanksgiving Day can easily distract us from slowing down to a pace more suitable to adequately express our gratitude to God, perhaps this November we might allow Thanksgiving to permeate our lives for more than just a day. How about the entire month? Expressing gratitude is at the heart of good stewardship. So, let’s dedicate a little time each day in November to giving thanks for our blessings.

Our parish recently celebrated All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Let the celebration of Saints continue this month! Spend a few minutes of your prayer time thanking God for all the people in your life who have gone before you. Set aside a few minutes to remember all that God has given you and say “Thank you.”

Take part of a day and walk or hike down a woodland path. Express your gratitude for the beauty of God’s autumn creation. Take a minute each day to thank the people in your life who matter to you. Tell them you’re thankful for them. Drop someone a note, place a short phone call or even text them! Telling people you’re thankful for them will enrich your life as well as theirs.

Make a point to attend at least one Mass outside of your regular weekend Mass schedule. Going to Mass on Thanksgiving morning is an excellent way to enrich that holiday. (Our parish Bilingual Mass is at 10 am in Serra Center on Thanksgiving morning, November 28th.)

As a community of faith, we know that giving glory to God in this way is an important aspect of our communal life of faith. Transform the month of November into a month of Thanksgiving. If you do, you will find your celebration of Thanksgiving Day a richer and fuller experience than you could have imagined. In fact, you might just discover that your overall happiness with life improves.

May this month of Thanksgiving be a time when we not only say “Thank You” to God, family and neighbor but a time when our hearts draw us much closer to the Lord.

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