With a joyful heart…


It would be easy for us to target the modern priest by comparing him to the scribes in today’s Gospel who had a similar role. But when you stop to think about it, none of us can safely point the finger at others on this issue of seeking honors and marks of esteem! We all like to be recognized and acknowledged. Spouses rush home to tell their partners what a fuss the boss made over them today, or parents who brag to anyone who can stand it about their children’s achievements. We all want to be very important in somebody’s eyes. But Jesus points to a poor widow who put only a couple of copper coins in the temple treasury as the most “important” of all! What she has done may have no merit in the world’s view, but it is truly valuable in the eyes of God!

Our national holiday of Thanksgiving is fast approaching! I remember a priest saying once in his homily that if any day should be a Holy Day of Obligation, it should be Thanksgiving! Why is that? It’s because at least once a year we should dedicate a day of gratitude to God for all that we have received. We also know that because we have received, we also are called to share. I invite all of us to remember the poor in a special way this Thanksgiving. Please bring non‐perishable foods to our Thanksgiving Day Mass. Also, a special offering will be taken up for the ministry of the friars in Guaymas, Mexico. Thank you for your generosity to those most in need!

Finally, I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to plan our “Share the Journey” event this weekend! In particular, we appreciate all the leadership of Divina Hernandez of the Diocesan Catholic Charities and Angel Ibarra, our parish Outreach and Advocacy Minister. It was truly an amazing opportunity for us to hear the stories of refugees and also to put ourselves in the shoes of those fleeing injustices in their home countries. Let us grow in our solidarity with those fleeing violence and poverty throughout the world.


Fr. Vince

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