Why, in a world of plenty, do millions go to bed hungry?

During our Stewardship month, we are reminded to ask ourselves a question — why,  in a world of plenty, do millions go to bed hungry each night?  Is poverty the only answer?  How does unemployment, household assets, and even demographics make it difficult for everyone to have food every day?

    Today on World Food Day, we are invited to imagine a world where no one goes hungry.   Imagine a world where all mothers are well-nourished, their babies healthy and active.  Imagine a safer, more prosperous world for everyone.  Today, we think about the great poverty that is hunger.

Today, we consider what actions we can take to alleviate hunger not only in Oceanside, California but around the world. To find out more, click on Catholic Relief Services (www.crs.org), the official overseas arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

When you go shopping, add an extra canned good or jar of peanut butter for our poor.  Contribute to our Social Concerns food pantry by bringing a canned good to Mass each weekend.  Baskets are in the rotunda for food collection.

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