Your Pastoral Council at Work…

Each month, your Parish Pastoral Council comes together to discuss timely issues which apply to the whole parish. Indeed, the primary task of the pastoral council is pastoral planning. Given this task, the council is commissioned to identify and prioritize the ways in which the parish is being called to live out its Parish Mission. To that end, the council creates goals to put a parish plan into practice.

At present, the council is working on three main goals in its pastoral plan: The welcoming and engagement of young families; the start of a “Catholics Can Come Home” process for those who have been away from the Church, and identifying ways in which our parish multiculturalism can be lived out and celebrated. In the future, you will hear more about these and other topics discussed as agenda items for the council.

A team is forming to present a program calling for inactive Catholics to come home again! The program is targeted to start in the fall and will be 6 weeks long. If you are interested in being on this team or helping out in any way, please call Jeannie Foss at 619‐417 7116 for more information.

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