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The Visual Presentation Ministry runs power-point shows, following the liturgy during mass. They also operate the cameras that project the liturgy onto the screen in the Serra Center.  They run the cameras to live-stream masses for those who can't come to mass. For special speaker presentations, they also work in the Parish Chapel, St. Francis Hall, and the Parish Center supporting meetings with Audio Visual.   At times, AV folks run video-cameras to record special events and presentations.  

In this ministry, you will be serving “behind the scenes” providing the sounds, sights, and words, to the best of our ability, to your fellow parishioners.   If you like to work with computers, love to make videos, would feel comfortable choosing shots for our cameras and would like to be instruments that God uses to enhance our weekly Liturgy and important meetings, then join us.

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Somos dos ministerios bajo un solo estandarte. El Ministerio de Audio ofrece Voluntarios de Sonido para hacer pequeños ajustes a los niveles de sonido para las Misas y eventos especiales en el Centro Serra y otros lugares que necesitan ajuste de sonido durante las liturgias y eventos. El Ministerio de la Presentación Visual ejecuta las diapositivas de “power point”, siguiendo la liturgia durante la Misa. También operan la cámara que proyecta la liturgia en la pantalla del Centro Serra. Para presentaciones especiales de presentadores, también trabajan en el Salón San Francisco y el Centro Parroquial apoyando reuniones.

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