Who is my neighbor, Lord?

Peace and all Good! “Just exactly who is my neighbor, Lord?” Jesus tells the lawyer the now-famous story of the Good Samaritan. We know it well—a beloved story of children in Sunday school and to all of us throughout the world! The truth of this story is revealed in the way each of the characters […]

Bulletin for 7-14-2019

INSIDE: All worship of God must lead us to outreach and concern for those who are in need. Rather than asking, “Who is my neighbor?” we ought to be asking, “How can I help?” (Fr. Vince – pg. 3)

Bulletin for 07-07-2019

INSIDE: Please read an important message from our Bishop of San Diego regarding the bill SB 360. (pg. 3)

Top Six Reasons to Send Your Kids to Religious Education at MSLRP

You love your Catholic Faith. Our goal at MSLRP is to assist parents in developing their children’s faith by offering programs that support parents in their goal of sharing their faith with their children. You want your children to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ that will last a lifetime. You want your children […]

Time is Short

Dear Friends, Peace and All Good! “Let the dead bury their dead” is not a polite thing to say to a person who only wants to provide a simple, human service to his father. But, time is short and Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and to his death. It must be said that […]

St. Francis Hall: Good News!

I have some good news! Our goal for the renovation of St. Francis Hall was $710,000, and we have reached beyond the goal! This is good because we are now required to renovate the men’s restroom to bring it up to ADA standards for physically challenged people. The cost of this project is about $50,000! […]

A Special Thanks: Rock Around the Clock

Many of us are still reeling from our fantastic “Rock Around the Clock” evening of great food, music and dance and all‐around delightful nostalgia! Some 200 people were in attendance. We owe much appreciation to all who worked so hard to put the show on. In particular, we thank Claudia LaBarge and the Hospitality Committee, […]

Celebrating Father’s Day

Thank you to the many parishioners who sent in their pictures for Father’s Day. Please pick up a copy of the bulletin for this weekend and enjoy the Father’s Day collage. Here are links to the finished slideshows. These will be shown at all masses in Serra Center. Click here for English: Celebrating Father’s Day […]

Inteligencia Emocional Curso Taller / Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Dios cura mis emociones, pues el fruto del Espíritu es el amor. Dra. María Ber­nardita Nares González Psicóloga Psicoterapeuta LUGAR Y HORARIOS Parroquia Misión San Luis Rey Oceanside, CA 92057 JULIO 2019 Viernes 12 6:30pm a 8:30pm y Sabado 13 de 9am a 2pm Lugar de Reunion: Salon #6 Centro Parroquial COSTO: $35 CUPO LIMITADO […]

Lenten Journey

Enjoy our shared focus on Catholic Social Justice, activities for families, faith groups, ministries or individuals. Click here for a calendar of parish events, and join us on our shared Lenten Journey! Disfrute de nuestro enfoque compartido en la justicia social católica, actividades para familias, grupos religiosos, ministerios o individuos. ¡Únase a nosotros en nuestro […]