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Let God Be God In Our Lives

A Reflection From our Pastoral Team Jesus, our Savior, and Redeemer, not only sends his disciples to proclaim the Good News, but he also sends each of us to do the same. This mission is an obligation not only for priests and consecrated persons but for all men and women...

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Reflexión Pastoral 7-14-2024

-DE NUESTRO VICARIO Jesús, nuestro Salvador y Redentor no solamente envía a sus discípulos a... Read More »

Boletín 7-14-2024

Si dejamos que Jesús actúe y obre en nuestras vidas, veremos que podemos hacer... Read More »

Bulletin for 7-14-2024

If we let Jesus act and work in our lives, we will see that... Read More »

For the Care of the Sick During July, Pope Francis invites us to pray for our brothers and sisters who... Read More »

Mass Schedule

Welcome to Mission San Luis Rey Parish: Join Us for Prayer & Worship /... Read More »

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