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Divine Mercy

From Our Pastoral Associate Jesus's mercy, love, kindness, patience, and forgiveness surpass all his disciples' obstacles, anguish, and disbelief. Although Jesus was sold, betrayed, denied, and abandoned by those he loved unconditionally, he never harbored hatred or resentment, and he never took revenge. While the disciples were behind closed doors, in...

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Mass Schedule

Welcome to Mission San Luis Rey Parish: Join Us for Prayer & Worship /... Read More »


ABRAZA LA PRIMAVERA CON UN NECESARIO PASO ADELANTE   Reflexione, planifique y allane el camino... Read More »

Embrace Spring

With a Step Forward Reflect, plan, and pave the way for a secure future. As spring... Read More »

Reflexión Pastoral 4-7-2024

DE NUESTRO VICARIO La misericordia de Jesús, su amor, bondad, paciencia y perdón sobrepasan todos... Read More »

Boletín 4-07-2024

Nuestro Jesús siempre será un Dios muy compasivo y misericordioso. Nunca dudemos de su... Read More »

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