Bulletin for 9-22-2019

INSIDE: The most interesting part of today’s passage is that it uncovers the strategy of all who want to be bandits, but without being noticed, that is, within a certain margin of “legality.” — (Fr. Oscar – pg. 3)

Bulletin for 9-15-2019

INSIDE: God rejoices to find what is lost. It doesn’t require any moral extracts because its appeal is much deeper than thought. It works in us; it shapes us if we allow ourselves to dwell in it. (Fr. Oscar – pg. 3)

Bulletin for 9-8-2019

INSIDE: “Our discipleship cannot be just another project that we mean to get to, later. Like the unfinished stadium in the middle of the desert, if our discipleship sits there abandoned too long, it is all going to come tumbling down!” (Fr. Vince – p. 3)

Bulletin for 9-01-2019

INSIDE: This Labor Day weekend we can reflect on and give thanks for “the work of human hands,” to borrow a phrase from the liturgy. In fact, the word liturgy comes from two ancient words that mean “the work of the people. ” (Fr. Vince – pg. 3)

Bulletin for 8-25-2019

INSIDE: “I don’t think so! Every one of us knows a saint—a dancing saint! I think it is possible to dance with the saints, dance with our cross, and dance through the narrow gate all the way to God!” (Fr. Vince ‐ pg. 3)

Bulletin for 8-18-2019

INSIDE: The world tells us that we should be the center of our own lives. Faith tells us that Christ is the center of all things, and calls us to center our lives on him. (Fr. Vince – pg. 3)

Bulletin for 8-11-2019

INSIDE: Thus, with prayer and action, we prepare ourselves for the return of our master. Let us pray and work in the vineyard for the coming of God’s Kingdom. (Fr. Vince – pg. 3)

Bulletin for 8-04-2019

INSIDE: If we approach whatever we do with the attitude of service to others, we will be rich beyond our imagination…Let us spend our time growing rich in the things of God and not of this world. (Fr. Vince ‐ pg. 3)

Bulletin for 7/28/2019

INSIDE: No one had addressed God as “Abba,” as a loving papa until Jesus did. And now, you and I are invited into the same intimacy with God. Not a God way out there somewhere but a God who is intimately connected to us. (Fr. Vince – pg. 3)

Bulletin for 7/21/19

INSIDE: What does the Gospel call us to do? I think Jesus invites us to be both Mary and Martha – attentive to another’s needs and simply sharing our presence with those who come to us. (Fr. Vince – Pg. 3)