Bulletin for 5-19-2019

INSIDE: But the “holy city” St. John visions today is where God lives among us. There is no division there– no pain, no mourning and no death. Do we want to live in such a city? –Fr. Vince (pg.3)

Bulletin for 5-12-2019

INSIDE: So great is our Good Shepherd that he knows each of us by name and gives us eternal life. Jesus states that no one can take a sheep from his hand or from the father’s hand because he and the father are one. –Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 5-05-2019

INSIDE: Can you imagine? Finally, they have the courage to suffer for the Lord’s sake. They went right back out there, teaching in the name of Jesus! It is clear that mortal attempts to stop the Gospel will not succeed! — Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 4-28-19

INSIDE: “Peace be with you.” Now this greeting is more than just a wish or a hope. It is a statement. It does not mean “may peace be with you.” It mean “peace is with you.” And because of this the apostles rejoice! – Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 4-21-2019

INSIDE: We call this Resurrection! It is not just the meaning of Easter, but the reason there are Christians at all! Alleluia! Alleluia! – Fr. Vince (pg.3)

Bulletin for 4-14-2019

INSIDE: We begin today a week which is called “holy” and rightly so. We gather in churches throughout the world to enter into the passion, death and the resurrection of Christ. -Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 4-07-2019

INSIDE: “…He holds a mirror to their faces, hoping that they see themselves as sinners and thus have more compassion for others…Then he turns to the woman and gives her those beautiful words, “Neither do I condemn you.” He says the same to each of us!” Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 3-31-19

INSIDE: We are to learn from this parable that when it comes to mercy and compassion, God spares no expense. As the father in the parable says: “We had to celebrate. This son of mine was lost and has been found, he was dead and has come back to life.”

Bulletin for 3-24-2019

INSIDE: You know it is not too late for any of us. There is still time to change and with God’s help, a possibility of bearing fruit. Let us review our Lenten resolutions and initiate them if we haven’t done so. — Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 3-17-2019

INSIDE: The Transfiguration gives us a glimpse of the Resurrection and a taste of the glory which is to be found on the other side of the cross.
Fr. Vince (pg. 3)