Bulletin for 1-06-2019

“On Epiphany we celebrate that the child born in the darkness of night in a lowly manger is revealed as the manifestation (the meaning of epiphany) of God. Christ is revealed in any ways: as Lord, as King as the one in whom God is present and acts.” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin 12-30-2018

“Love transformed that stable making it a source of light and hope, just as love can transform every home and make it a place  where children can grow  as Jesus did, in wisdom  love and grace. Let us  see in the Holy Family  then a shining example of
family life. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us.” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 12-23-2018


 “Let us pray that like Mary, we too give birth to Jesus in our world today and may we allow Jesus to work the will of God through us in all that we say and do.” – Fr. Vince (pg. 3)


Bulletin for 12-16-2018


“For Christians, this theme of rejoicing lies at the heart of our faith. Even if we are struggling with life’s great issues, we are still called to be people of joy and to be ready to share that joy with others.”  ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 12-9-2018


“We become like [John the Baptist], not by wearing sackcloth and dining on grasshoppers, but by living in such a way that it is obvious that if our
faith in Christ were not true, our lives would make no sense.”  ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 12-2-2018

Two of the most important biblical Advent figures are John the Baptist and Mary,
the Mother of Jesus. John the Baptist was the “precursor” of Christ—the one who ultimately prepared the way for the Messiah.  –Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 11-25-2018

INSIDE: “Jesus Christ puts kingship in its proper place.  Sovereignty, complete power overall is in the possession of the Lord of Love.  Indeed, his kingdom is ‘an eternal and universal kingdom, a kingdom of truth and life…’” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 11-18-2018

INSIDE: “Believing is not just being a good person; it is to understand and proclaim that there is one who is Lord, and that his Lordship encompasses everything.” 

-Fr. Oscar (pg. 3) 

Bulletin for 11-11-2018

INSIDE: “Jesus points to a poor widow who put only a couple of coins in…What she has done may have no merit in the world’s view, but it is truly valuable in the eyes of God!” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for the 11-04-2018

INSIDE: “…if we truly wish to contemplate Christ, we must learn to see him especially in the faces of those with whom he himself wished to be identified… this is the measure of our very fidelity to Christ!” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)