A Space Renewed

You heard Fr. Vince talk about the campaign, now find out more with his special letter to the parish community about our Capital Campaign: “St. Francis Hall, a Space Renewed.”

Did You Know?

Why should you register? By registering in a parish, you show your desire to be a part of our Catholic faith community. Registering is important. Census numbers (numbers of registered parishioners) help the number and kind of Masses and programs, the number of priests, obligations to the Diocese, etc. Registration not only shows you belong […]

Parish Finance Council: New Members Needed!

The Parish Finance Council is in need of a few new members. The Diocese qualifications for prospective members are to be outstanding of moral integrity, actively involved in the life of the Parish, capable of evaluating financial choices with an ecclesial spirit, and expert in civil law or finance, as testified by their professional qualifications […]

Liturgical Ministry Fair / Feria de Corresponsabilidad

This weekend (after 8 am, 10 am, 12 noon Masses) our Stewardship Committee is inviting us to consider the ways we give of our time and talent to this community in service. In particular, I encourage you to serve in one of the Liturgical Ministries. This is a very large parish and it takes lots […]

Don’t Second Guess the Urge to Share

“Even the smallest act of sharing can make a difference. I remembered that one summer day when slicing a cold watermelon. From my kitchen window I could see the thermometer’s reading of nearly 90 degrees by 9 a.m. I heard the usual Friday morning roar as the lawn crew arrived with their mowers, blowers and […]

Respond to God’s Grace

The 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal, “Responding to God’s Grace”, is your opportunity to make possible the work that affects so many in our diocese: assistance to the poor, formation of new priests and care for our retired priests, evangelization and accompaniment of Young Adults, the consoling presence of Christ for those imprisoned, and education of […]

It’s not GIFTmas, PARTYmas, SHOPPINGmas or TINSELmas

It’s CHRISTmas! Christmas is about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Unfortunately, the reason for the season can get buried amidst the bustle of shopping, hanging the lights, and listening to the ho-ho-ho of a hundred different Santa Claus TV specials.  Seven million members of the Knights of Columbus (including our own […]

Life and Ministry

Dear Friends, Thank you for supporting Franciscan life and ministry in the Province of St. Barbara with your gift of $2,303.33.   it gives me great joy to know that you are joining yourself to our mission through your faithful support, even during these difficult days of our Church.  I will pray for your happiness.  I […]

Do your holiday shopping at smile.amazon.com and Amazon donates to MSLRP!

As you begin holiday shopping, consider adding us as a charitable organization to receive donations through your purchases.  Visit smile.amazon.com and chose “Pastor Of Mission San Luis Rey Catholic Parish In Oceanside Calif.”, you will be supporting your parish AND scoring great deals!

The Joy of Generosity

Do you have a family budget? Perhaps you have put money aside each month for housing, a car, food, entertainment. All are vitally important. But does Mission San Luis Rey Parish have a place in your family’s budget? Scripture talks about giving back to God “first fruits” or the “choicest portion,” returning a portion of […]