Living a life of generosity and service, following in the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ

Informes del Sínodo 2022

Nuestra comunidad de la Parroquia Misión San Luis Rey comenzó el proceso sinodal a fines de enero de 2022, dirigido por nuestro ahora Diácono Hno. Salvador Mejía, OFM. Comenzamos con una campaña invitando a la comunidad parroquial a participar en nuestras sesiones de escucha sinodales, una en inglés y otra en español, el 26 de Read More

Opportunities To Serve 1-22-23

You are needed! Opportunities to serve at Mass, Social Outreach and the City of Oceanside.

Synod Parish Survey Results

Parish Synod Survey Results: One of the most interesting outcomes was that overwhelmingly the participants found these dialogues spiritually and pastorally very nourishing. The positivity of the experience was remarkable because the notes taken in these small groups reveal that participants shared significantly different viewpoints on the major issues they were discussing. This prayerfulness and respect for the dialogue constituted a glimpse of what a synodal culture might be.

Thank You, From Social Outreach

This weekend at the 4 pm Saturday, 8, 10 and 12 noon Masses, our Social Outreach department would like to say thank you for the donations and support during the holidays, as well as during the entire year. Our Loretto House Food Pantry continues to aid many families and people in need in our community. Please stop by for donuts and coffee.

Thank You, Volunteers

Today, Monday, December 5th, is International Volunteer Day. Please join our parish in a prayer of gratitude, blessing our volunteers. (Click picture for article.)

Celebrando las estaciones: Adviento 2022

Mientras disfrutan de un momento de tranquilidad para orar o cenar esta semana en familia, usen el folleto CÓMO GUARDAR LA TEMPORADA para hacer que el Adviento y las próximas estaciones cobren vida en su casa. Los dones de alegría y esperanza que nos ha dado el Nacimiento, la Muerte y la Resurrección de Jesús ofrecen algo para todos a partir del 27 de noviembre de 2022

Keeping the Seasons: Advent 2022

Celebrate This Christmas!
While you’re having a quiet moment for prayer or dinner this week as a family, use the KEEPING THE SEASON’s handout to bring Advent and the seasons beyond to life at your house. The gifts of joy and hope given to us by the Birth, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus offer something for everyone starting on November 27th, 2022


COLECTA DE ALIMENTOS CABALLEROS DE COLÓN Fin de semana del 12 y 13 de noviembre El sábado 12 y el domingo 13 de noviembre, los Caballeros de Colón organizarán una colecta de alimentos en beneficio de nuestro Departamento de Programas Sociales para los próximos días festivos. Los Caballeros recolectarán alimentos no perecederos antes de todas Read More

Knights Food Drive

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FOOD DRIVE Weekend of November 12 & 13 On Saturday, November 12th, and Sunday, November 13th, the Knights of Columbus will host a food drive for the benefit of our Social Outreach Department for the upcoming holidays. The Knights will collect nonperishable food items before all Masses on that weekend. Thank you Read More

Parishioner Spotlight

PARISHIONER SPOTLIGHT: North County leader, Tony Martinez shares his history with organizing and the inherent relationships between his faith and justice. Through his work with the LIVE FREE Oceanside team, he is passionate about addressing racial bias in policing and improving the experiences of communities of color at the hands of law enforcement. Tony has Read More

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