Building Fund Update

Join us in Serra Center

We want to update you on the exciting and much-needed upgrades we are making to our property. We are currently working on the following projects:

  • We are repairing the roof in the Parish Building. The cost of these repairs is over $22,000.
  • We will cement around the Welcoming Christ Fountain in phases, extending from the front of Serra Center to the walkway by the Dining Room (dirt area). This also includes cementing around the statue of the sitting St. Francis.
  • We are installing shade sail coverings extending from the front of Serra Center to the BBQ area (dirt area).
  • We are finishing the Welcoming Christ fountain by removing the protruding piece and making the fountain round.
  • We are updating the BBQ area by installing a roof with lighting and new grills.

The following projects have been completed:

  • New outlets were installed outside the Parish Office for future outdoor events like the Feast of San Luis Rey, Palm Sunday, etc. Plus, we installed a junction box in Serra Garden to provide electrical power for shade sail tea lights and other needs, totaling $11,140.
  • Inside Serra, we are hanging the new stations of the cross, which cost $5,798.25. $4,000 was raised for this project.
  • We installed two new electric panels in the Village/School for $7,200.
  • We redid the village/school roof, which was leaking in several areas, for $43,950.
  • We repaired/upgraded the fire alarm system in the Village/school for $6,800.
  • Roof leaks and repairs were done in St. Francis Hall for $3,530.
  • We installed two new AC units with new electrical wiring in St. Francis Hall for $19,700.
  • We stuccoed the front of our Parish building, where the school is housed, for $31,500. Additionally, rotting beams were replaced before the stucco was completed, costing an additional $15,059.
  • In the school classrooms, we installed exit signs and provided fire extinguishers to meet the fire building code, which cost $21,340.
  • The parish restrooms’ plumbing was upgraded for $5,945.
  • The Serra Rotunda roof was repaired for $5,819.

We appreciate your contributions to our building fund, which enable us to maintain and update our property and churches. If you wish to donate to any of the projects listed above, please mark your donation to the building fund and specify the project you are interested in supporting. Thank you for your continued support.

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